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Bridget Sheppard '13

Once Upon A Story: An analysis of play adaptions of Grimms' fairy tales in London
Bridget studied play adaptations of Grimms' fairy tales in the British Library. During her time in London, she also attended several performances of adapted plays and discussed the process of adaptation with playwright and professor Michael Punter. Through her research, she has identified common challenges and methods involved in transforming a literary work from one medium into another, and she is using this knowledge in her English creative writing thesis this semester.

On Choosing her Project

"When choosing my AMS project, I remembered how I had always loved fairy tales, and determined to study them and their adaptations further, returning to London, the city I studied abroad in last year. What started as a mere idea to investigate a subject I love ended up teaching me about the nature of stories themselves, and about myself." -Bridget
A mannequin posed reenacting Cinderella
Bridget Sheppard in front of the Big Ben clock tower, London