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Study Group Forms and Documents

The links below are to the specific forms and documents required for you to complete and submit to the Off-Campus Study Office, 101 Lathrop, to ensure your participation on your study group.
Off-Campus Study

Forms and Documents


Please return by the date requested in the cover letter.

Study group documents:

Extended study documents:

For both student groups and extended studies:

  • Confidential physician's report: Students, please complete questions 1-10 yourself and return the form directly to off-campus study. Do not take the form to your family doctor or to student health services
  • Student acknowledgment of risk and responsibility: Complete, sign, and return to off-campus study in 101 Lathrop.
  • Acknowledgment of risk and responsibility for families: This is for your review only, to understand the risks and responsibilities your student is assuming.
  • Passport Copy: Please submit a clear photocopy of the photo/information page of your passport to off-campus study.
  • Cost estimates: Please share the cost estimate with your parents. This link also provides periodic updates on estimated costs.
  • OCS Policies Sheet: Please read, sign, and submit this form to off-campus study.
  • HTH Worldwide: International health insurance for all study abroad participants; for international travel only.