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AMS Project Proposal Guide


The following are the steps you must follow to complete your proposal for an AMS Grant:
    Melissa Mckenzie '12
  1. Review documents on writing proposals, requesting letters of recommendation, preparing a budget, and more.

  2. Schedule a meeting to discuss your proposal ideas with Peter Tschirhart, Assistant Dean for Undergraduate Scholars Programs.

  3. Submit a full proposal by the deadline: Wednesday, October 15, 2014.

  4. Find additional information about each component of the proposal below.

  5. Projects are reviewed by the AMS Review Committee. You will receive a letter through campus mail with notification of the final result. You may also be asked by email to provide clarifications and revisions. You should respond to any such request in a timely manner.

  6. If awarded a grant, complete additional forms, as requested.

Richard Markhofer '12 on site in Mali in front of a straw-roofed home

Components of a Proposal

To be considered for an AMS Grant, your proposal must include each of the following components:
Formal proposal
For independent research grants only. This is the essay in which you fully describe the proposed project or experience and its academic merits. Typically, these proposals are 6-10 pages long, double-spaced. You must upload your proposal to your application form, when prompted. Proposals must be explicitly include the sections and sub-headers outlined here.
Letters of recommendation
For independent research grant proposals, you must submit letters from two members of the Colgate faculty. For all other proposals, you need only submit one letter of support.

Please follow the guidelines as presented on the Requesting Letters of Recommendation handout. Faculty recommendations should speak to the following:
  • the academic significance of the student's project;
  • how the student has prepared for the fellowship;
  • the relevance to the student’s major, related academic interests, or future goals and plans;
  • the quality of work that may be expected;
  • the student's ability to work independently;
  • and, if applicable, knowledge of the country and organization for which the student will be working or affiliated.
Please use the budget worksheet as a rough guide. This document should be as detailed as possible. Upload with your application when prompted.

Also, please attach detailed information on how you calculated your budget estimates and what sources you used to collect your data (prices for flights, lodging, etc.)

Advice from Kelsie Anson '13: "It is important to allow yourself some wiggle room in budgeting for any extra fees like the exit fee that I was charged in the airport to leave the country, or currency exchange rates."

Upon Completion of Project

When you complete your project, you must submit the following to Sarah Ficken in B4 McGregory within two weeks of your return to Colgate:
  1. Four-page AMS Fellowship Award Report:
    • A project summary including the title, objectives, methodology, experience, and findings. Please describe notable successes and goals not realized. (3 pages)
    • A personal reflection on how the fellowship impacted you, how did you grow intellectually and personally (1 page)
  2. An itemized budget report with receipts for all funding, unused funding must be returned to Colgate University

    You will be asked to give a public presentation about your work at an AMS Symposium during the semester following the award.