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Past AMS Project Recipients

When you are just beginning to develop a project proposal, sometimes your best resource is a fellow Alumni Memorial Scholar student who has been through the process. Please click on past recipient names for project details, tips, advice, and even blog posts from students currently doing projects!
Dong Ding '12 in Guangzhou

Project Grant Recipients 2012–2013

Youngsun Cho '13
A Phonology-focused Immersion Study of Cantonese followed by an acoustic analysis of the learning process, China

Ahmad Emad '13
Social Protectionism and its Implications, India

Casey Hampsey '13
Arishima Takeo: The White Birch Society and Its Influence in the Tashio Period, Japan

Bridget Sheppard '13
Once Upon A Story: An analysis of play adaptations of Grimms' fairy tales in London, England

Danielle Solomon '13
Ingwe Leopard Research, South Africa
Elizabeth Abbott '14
The Camino de Santiago Pilgrimage, Northern Spain

Meagan Adams '14
Theravuada Buddhism: The Role of Art & The Image, Sri Lanka

Kristin Andres '14
Health Career Opportunity Program, New York, NY

Nick Arpey '14
A Qualitative Analysis of the Effect of Socioeconomic Status on Patient Perceptions of Health Care, Iowa City, Iowa

Eric Clopper '14
Survey of Renewable Energy in Australia and New Zealand

Emily Fennell '14
Exploration of TFP5-CDK5 Mechanism of Action as a Potential Alzheimer's Treatment at NIH, Bethesda, Maryland

Project Grant Recipients 2011–2012

Kelsie Anson '13
The Real Cost of Your Lobster Dinner: Lobster Diving on the Miskito Coast, Le Ceiba and Puerto Lempira, Honduras

Hannah Fitton '14
Analyzing Bones in the Balkans, Albania, Romania, and Greece

Ashley Johnson '13
Crossing Paths Between Religion and Ecology, Yale Divinity School, Summer Symposium, New Haven, Connecticut

Eric Taber '13
Road Development Along the Annapurna Trekking Circuit, Annapurna Region, Nepal

Jeehyon "Stella" Yoh '14
Small-scale Chinese Manufacturing Businesses in Tanzania: The Impact of the Family Business Structure on the Local Economy in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Dong Ding '12
Understanding China's Monetary Policy and Management Role Played by the Local Branches of People's Bank of China

Melissa McKenzie '12
Contemporary Keihanshin Vernaculars in the Modern Japanese Context, Kuoto, Japan

Richard Merkhofer '12
Field Studies in Medical Entomology, Mali