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Class Projects in Sociology and Anthropology

A showcase of projects completed by sociology and anthropology students for their classes in the department.

Digital Storytelling: SOAN 333 Age, Aging, and the Lifecourse

These videos were created by students in the course Sociology of Age, Aging, and the Lifecourse, taught by Meika Loe, associate professor of sociology and women's studies. For the lab component of the course, each student was matched with an elder learning partner and tasked with compiling a life history and creating a digital story.
Title Elder Student
Walking through History: The Life of Leo Kiely Leo Kiely Caroline Williams '13
A Life of Love and Friendship During World War II Sandy MacKinnon Evan Chartier '14
Let's Go for a Drive! Jerry and Marvie Stone Virginia-Jeni Parkman '12
The Basis for a Meaningful Life: Family and Friends Larry Baker Erin Nash '12
Growing Up and Change in Central New York Stan Roe Harlan Abeshouse '13
The Legacy of Music Lois Rainsford Jessica Bitsack '12
The Story of Walt Jaquay Walt Jaquay Jordan McCord '13
The Education of a Lifetime Polly Mahoney Kristen Friberger '14
Fire Fraternity John Basher Melissa Benton '14

Videos from previous semesters

Rising from the Subsoil

By Michael Newberg '11

"Rising from the Subsoil" is a video created by Colgate University student Michael Newberg '11 that focuses on the relationship between avocational and professional archaeologists working on Native American sites in Central New York.