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Course Offerings in Political Science

Political Science offers a challenging and engaging program of courses. Check out our current offerings, and our tentative schedule for upcoming semesters.

Current Course Offerings

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Projected Course Offerings

Tentative  Courses – Fall 2015

POSC 150: America as a Democracy (2 sections)
POSC 151: Politics and Moral Vision (2 sections)
POSC 152: Global Peace and War (2 sections)
POSC 153: Introduction to Comparative Politics (1 regular, 2 writing intensive sections)
POSC 210: Congress
POSC 211: Presidency
POSC 215: Comparative Politics: Middle East (2 sections)
POSC 232: Fundamentals of International Relations (3 sections)
POSC 260: Foundations of Political Thought (writing intensive)
POSC 305: The Political Economy of East and Southeast Asia
POSC 320: States, Markets, and Global Change
POSC 349: The International Political Economy
POSC 355: Caring for Citizens and Distant Strangers
POSC 357: International Institutions
POSC 359: Power in Russia from Gorbachev to Putin
POSC 364: Politics of India, Bangladesh, and Pakistan
POSC 366: Contemporary American Foreign Policy (2 sections)
POSC 373: The Public Policy Process
POSC 380: Reason, Faith, and Politics
POSC 382: American Political Thought
POSC 415: Seminar: Social Justice Politics and Policy
POSC 430: Seminar: Problems and Issues in Post-Mao China
POSC 433: Seminar: Topics of Globalization
POSC 437: Seminar: Democratization and Prospects for Peace and Prosperity
POSC 498: Honors Colloquium

For course descriptions, please see the information in the political science catalogue listing.