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Physics and Astronomy Curriculum

We design our curriculum to allow you a maximum amount of flexibility. You can prepare for graduate study in physics or astronomy, or simply pursue an interest in physics and astronomy while preparing for a different career, all while being active on campus and even studying abroad.

Choosing Your Courses

When you're planning your courses, it can be challenging to know how best to tailor your schedule to plan for future graduate studies, or even to spend a semester abroad. Learn more about choosing courses for an emphasis of study in physics as well as programs like study abroad and the 3-2 program:

Curricular Innovation at Colgate

We take physics and astronomy education to the highest level with our robust, challenging, and engaging curriculum. Learn more about our curricular design.
Students adjusting a telescope near the Foggy Bottom Observatory at Colgate

Summer Courses

We do not offer summer courses, although many students do stay on campus during the summer to conduct research with a faculty adviser. You may, however, take a summer course at a different institution and transfer the credit to your Colgate transcript. Learn more about taking summer courses in physics and astronomy.