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Thurber Society

The Thurber Society is sponsored by the Department of Educational Studies for students interested in education and education-related issues.


Illustration of a fist holding a pencil with the words "save our schools"
  • To bring people from a variety of academic perspectives together for discussions of important issues in education including equity, privatization, development, mainstreaming, whole language, etc.

  • To work with students interested in teaching and/or pursuing certification on improving their pedagogical techniques.

  • To introduce students to the variety of initiatives in education and their impact on the market for educational opportunities, including: charter schools, privatization, technology, civic training, and private and parochial schools.

  • To foster a sense of community among students, faculty, and administrators who care about the future of the American educational system.

  • To introduce students to international educational opportunities.

  • To help students network with professionals in education.

  • To establish working groups of students committed to developing techniques for better navigation of the diverse educational resources available on the World Wide Web.