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Extracurricular Student Involvement

While the classroom is a great place to engage with the Asian Studies discipline, you can also learn a great deal in informal and extracurricular settings. Get involved on campus in one of our many cultural groups!
Student celebration of the Chinese New Year at Frank Dining Hall

Asia Interest House

Asia Interest House is a small, self-governing living and learning community. Its primary purpose is to enhance the lives of students by encouraging an appreciation and understanding of Asian and Asian American cultures.

The house is closely affiliated with Asian student organizations, the Colgate International Community, the Asian studies and East Asian languages and literatures departments, as well as the ALANA Cultural Center. It is an excellent community for students interested in off-campus study opportunities in Asian countries.

Clubs and Organizations

Want more stimulation outside of the classroom? Join one of the many Asian-related clubs on campus:

To learn more about student clubs and organizations, visit Get Involved @Colgate, or contact the Center for Leadership & Student Involvement.