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Colgate University has numerous clubs and student organizations that focus on sustainability. Interested and motivated members are always welcome! 

Beekeeper in suit transfers bees

Green Thumbs

The Green Thumbs club is responsible for the management and promotion of the Colgate Community Garden and its mission to provide fresh organic produce to the student community and beyond. Members learn about sustainable agricultural practices and the importance of supporting local food choices through garden maintenance, weekly farm stands, and garden work parties. Green Thumbs

Beekeeping Club

The Beekeeping Club is one of the most recent sustainability-related student organization on campus. Concerned about the state of the local bee population, the Beekeeping Club partnered with Chartwells to bring two hives to the Community Garden. Members gain experience in maintaining the apiary and learn about the important role of pollinators in our environment. Beekeeping

Students for Environmental Action (SEA)

SEA is Colgate's oldest green group on campus, striving to spread environmental awareness and concern within the Colgate community through events such as fundraisers. Meetings consist of discussions on climate change, divestment, mitigation strategies, sustainability and philanthropy, both local and abroad. SEA

Green Earth Gang

The Green Earth Gang is a volunteer group that teaches science lessons to students in the Hamilton and Madison public schools. The group's mission is to promote environmental awareness among children, so lessons, experiments and interactive activities are centered around issues of conservation and our fragile environment. Green Earth Gang

Hamilton Outdoor Group

Hamilton Outdoor Group's mission is to build a positive outdoor experience for middle-school students from Hamilton Central School by teaching outdoor skills and environmental ethics. A typical day involves walking to Base Camp, hiking up the hill, and playing team-building activities based on nature. Outdoor Group