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The Case Library and Geyer Center for Information Technology is more than a warehouse of texts, electronic resources, and quiet study. It stands as the heart and dynamic intellectual center of the campus and the proving grounds of the digital age. 

Renovation of Case-Geyer was completed in fall 2007.

Digital Learning and Media Center

In May 2012, a computerized “groundbreaking” was held for an all-new Digital Learning and Media Center on the fifth floor. The project was completed and opened in September 2012 for student use.

The center will provide a collaborative dynamic space where students and faculty can work together on digital media projects, where faculty can teach interdisciplinary courses that incorporate digital media assignments, and where technologists and librarians can deliver workshops to faculty, students, and staff.

The new center will provide access to an array of high-end Macintosh computers and also allow students to check out cameras, video equipment, audio recorders, and other materials for their multimedia productions. READ MORE

Cooley Library

The George R. Cooley Science Library is in McGregory Hall, on the Academic Quad.

The collections support astronomy, biology, chemistry, computer science, geology, mathematics, medicine, physics, and psychology. In addition, it serves interdisciplinary course work in ecology, climatology, biogeography, the environment, and health sciences.

The library has private and group study space, computer workstations, and document scanners. The environment is highly conducive to study, research, and reflection. Reserve readings for most science courses are maintained at Cooley. READ MORE


Case-Geyer provides students and faculty with sophisticated technological resources while ensuring easier access to Colgate’s outstanding collections.

The building houses not only Colgate’s library specialists but also its information technology team, creating a group of over 70 educational experts available under one roof. It is also the home of multiple exhibitions throughout the year.

A robotic storage and retrieval mechanism (LASR) accepts a student’s order and delivers a book to the circulation desk in minutes. It is housed in a vault approximately 30 ft. high x 115 ft. long and holds half a million books.

The 51,000-gross-square-foot center, designed by Shepley Bulfinch Richardson and Abbot Architects of Boston, offers a wide array of services on five levels:
  • Level one houses a conservation lab, audio and visual studios, government documents, and network services on the first floor.
  • Level two offers a rare book reading room, special collections and archives, Library of Congress materials, multimedia production rooms, faculty carrels, reader seating, and the LASR.
  • Level three provides circulation and interlibrary services, ITS, and the Blackmore Archive of Recorded Sound.
  • Level four offers additional Library of Congress materials, several meeting rooms, periodicals, and technical services.
  • Level five houses a café and a 24-hour study area as well as two classrooms, a large reading room, separate areas for videoconferencing, a multimedia production suite, and public computing.