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Torch Medal Tradition

You've accomplished a great deal in your time at Colgate. It is a testament to your caliber as a student and leader, but don't forget to recognize those who helped make it possible.
Tim McEvoy '13 presenting a torch award to Jean Brooks at Frank Dining Hall.
This inspiring tradition allows graduating seniors to recognize a member of the Colgate community who had a significant influence on their time at Colgate by awarding them a medal.

Seniors received a medal in their campus mailbox and should present it to a member of the Colgate community whom they feel deserves recognition for supporting their Colgate experience.

The medal presentation is a tradition inspired by the Konosioni Class of 2013.
About the Medal

The Torch Medal is engraved with the Colgate seal, bearing the distinguished symbol of the flaming torch. As a guide, a source of light and inspiration, it represents the best of student learning and discovery. The Torch Medal is personally presented to a deserving member of the Colgate community by individual members of the senior class.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I get a medal to present to someone?
Torch Medals will be distributed to each senior student mailbox during the spring semester.  
Are the medals free?

Yes! The medals are available to graduating seniors at no charge!

How many medals can I award to members of the Colgate community?

While there are many people all over campus who have helped you throughout your Colgate career, each graduating senior is granted one medal to award.

What criteria should follow for choosing the recipient of my medal?

The criteria are whatever you'd like them to be! You could choose to award the medal to a faculty member who pushed you to grow intellectually, a custodian who particularly brightened your living space, a financial aid administrator who helped you navigate financial demands, or any other member of the campus community who left a lasting impression on you during your time at Colgate.

Can I give a torch medal to family or a mentor not affiliated with Colgate?

The goal of the torch medal is to express thanks to members of the campus community whose service may otherwise be overlooked. If you would like to recognize a family member or someone off campus who has had a significant impact on your collegiate career, we encourage you to learn more about the Stole of Gratitude.

Stole of Gratitude

The stole of gratitude is a tradition similar to the torch medals. The stole of gratitude is a stole that a graduate wears around his or her neck through the commencement ceremony. Following the ceremony, the graduate then places the stole around the neck of someone whose support, guidance, or assistance made his or her graduation possible.

While the torch medal is meant specifically for recognizing members of the Colgate campus, the stole of gratitude may be bestowed upon anyone of your choosing. Stole of Gratitude